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We are excited that you are considering one of our properties as your next home. We have been providing excellent owner operated property management for over 27 years now. We look for three things when selecting tenants: 1) Credit history 2) Rental history and 3) Adequate income/employment history. There is a non-refundable application fee per adult of $45.   Minimum rental age is 21.

Please consider the following recommendations in order to be approved:

Credit History

We process a credit report and background check on each adult that applies. Our guideline is a FICO score of 650 or higher.  If your score falls below that number, it is still possible to get approved by adding a co-signer to the lease.

Rental History

Please be prepared to provide at least two rental references (from individuals not related to you). We will need the exact address, contact name and phone numbers (work & home if possible), and move-in & move-out dates. We are looking for people who will take care of the property, have not had any evictions, pay rent on time, and cooperate with management and the other tenants.


As a guideline, your monthly net income should be at least 3 to 4 times the rental amount. We also require a minimum of 6 months employment. If you are self-employed, please provide your last 2 years of tax returns as well as 3 months of bank statements.

When you come to the showing, don't forget to bring your checkbook (or Venmo) and Driver's License. If you like the property, and want us to reserve it, then we require the Security Deposit. Once we have the completed application, our goal is to have it processed within 24 hours. If by chance you are not approved, then the full deposit will be refunded. If you are approved, and don't sign the lease, then your deposit will be forfeited.

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